Textile woven of natural threads hand-dyed and yarn of vicuna and alpaca wool, embroidered from the 60s that traveled from the Mantaro Valley.
Visual design study of a textile blanket of the 60s generated a complex pattern of empty spaces. Line of gaps that project spatial structures.

I propose this small part of a number of layers that the body -textile could contain. Not only finding direct relationships with memory but through formal and procedural investigation of the visual artifact.

On a visual level, the node generates surfaces. But what we see are not knots but the space taken by it. The knot is inside, behind but never visible to the eyes.

It points out that this empty space can be a space that gives way to the imagination. Between the fabric as an archive, as a visual representation and as a look to interpret the world through pre-Hispanic cultures. Count the textile as a space generator, container and information filter.

Measures: variales

Technique: perforations